Saturday, April 4, 2009

Track & Field

GTO competed in his first track & field meet today. He started out running the 50 meter dash. If you notice, he is trailing behind. This picture was taken at the start of the race and the start gun startles him every single time. He did manage to speed up and place 2nd in his heat and 4th overall out of 16 boys. We are very proud of him.

Next he competed in the long jump which he said was his favorite event of the day. Daddy will be working with him to get his legs in front of him instead of trailing behind.
Miss GiGi participated in cheering from the sidelines. She was happy to hold up her sign, and GTO was happy to have his sister cheering him on.
GiGi is so ready to run in races. Those short little legs can really move fast. :) We might let her compete in cross country next year. We will see how that goes. She will not be able to do track and field until Kindergarten.


booderbean's momma said...

way to go GTO!!! congrats on competing! what a fun family day!

Becky said...

Great pics!! It looks like GTO really enjoys it!!

morewineplease said...

GO GTO!!! Oh wish I could have seen him pull through! Have DDO put that on youtube!

Kristine said...

Love the long jump photo, he's really into it. The start gun would make me jump like crazy.