Friday, May 29, 2009


I know this sounds silly, but when I got in the carpool line to drop GTO off at school this morning, it suddenly hit me that it was the last goodbye kiss from my 1st grader. Today is the last day of his 1st grade career. How can it be that he could be going into 2nd grade already? I know that I have this shock and realization every year, but every year seems to fly by faster and faster. I got teary eyed as he kissed me this morning. I told him it was the last kiss from my 1st grade boy which made him smile. I felt better when he said, "Well in that case, I will give you SEVEN kisses." He always knows how to make me happy.

And coming to work and seeing this made me smile. This girl is a MESS!


Anonymous said...

Congrats GTO,, enjoy your summer and 2nd grade will be starting in a flash. Watch out for that little wild sis of yours, but have fun!

booderbean's momma said...

well that made me tear up too sister! how adorable and funny your kiddos are! crack me up!
wow second grade! have a fabulous summer filled with many boat trips!

Anonymous said...

OH Bec........enjoy them as I know you do...they grow so fast........Your pictures are medicine to my soul and so appreciate it. Both the kids are beautiful....and Miss Gigi is always up to something. Have a great weekend.

Stacey said...

AWWW!! GTO is so sweet! That boy knows what his mama needs! So Sweet! Love the braids on GIgi!