Friday, June 19, 2009

Photo Opp

One of the best things about getting married is gaining another family and getting to know new aunts, uncles, and a boat load of new cousins. :) Last week, I was so happy to meet this baby girl for the first time. She is my second cousin through marriage, and I love her to pieces. I don't think I am being partial. I mean really, who could resist those precious pouty lips, adorable cleft chin, and big hazel eyes??? She is gorgeous!

First, let me start off by saying it was HOT. I don't mean a little bit hot, it was painfully hot, so we had to work fast, and take lots of breaks, but overall baby A did great. She enjoyed sitting pretty while a few adults entertained her.

About the time it was simply too hot for all of us to keep shooting pictures, I felt a nice cool spray of water down my back. I assumed someone was pouring my water bottle down my back to cool me off and I thought to myself, "how nice", but then out of the corner of my eye, I saw the rest of the adults grab things and run. As I looked around I realized that the sprinklers had come on all around us. It was a very funny moment. Nonetheless, we moved to the other side of the yard and stripped baby A down for a few final shots and some gorgeous light.

I miss you already! Please come back to OK soon!


Anonymous said...

Great Pictures Becky, she is precious.........have a great weekend.......from you loyal blog reader.....toni

booderbean's momma said...

oooooooh this makes my heart ache for a girl! Bec, if we have a girl (or if it's a boy) you do know you are hired on permantely for monthly photo sessions!!! you did great...and you are right, how could anyone resist that little cutie!

Will said...

I hadn't noticed how precious her little lips were until these pictures. She did so good and I shouldn't pick favorites, but the first picture is my fav. You did awesome!

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures!!! She is an adorable little girl!


Susan said...


Anonymous said...

you got some great shots! I love the first one of her naked, that's my fav. mel