Monday, June 22, 2009

Weekend Update

We were thrilled last week to find out that our cousins were going to meet us at the lake for the weekend. I only worked a half a day on Friday so we could spend more time with them, but before we headed South for the weekend, we had to stop to take care of some important business...

I am happy to report that the stray kid that I found wandering last week has been returned to his family, and I now have my GTO back.

His baby cousin liked his new hair so much that he decided to sport the same mohawk.
I tried convincing this little guy to hide in my suitcase so he could live with me, but he was convinced that he needed to go back to South TX. with his 4 older sisters.
After seeing this photo, I think I will make the 8 hour drive to go back and pick him up!
I was excited to see one of my favorite girls again; however she wasn't as excited to see me or my camera. She and GiGi finally became friends after she broke out of her very shy state, and they had so much fun having tea parties together.
And by the last day, she was smiling away at my camera which made me VERY happy.

Sadly, their visits are always too short, but hopefully we will see them again soon!
After they left Sunday morning, we took the kids skiing. Two more weeks and we will be on vacation for 10 days. WOOHOO!


Anonymous said...

Oh my GTO is so handsome.......not only are you going to have to lock Miss Gigi in the closet.....make room for him also.........great pictures.....glad your getting away for 10 days.........BUT PLEASE TELL ME YOU WILL BLOG WHILE YOUR AWAY.........You are my daily dose of medicine.......toni

Anonymous said...

AWWW, such cuties, and spending time together is the BEST, Miss A is striking and that little guy is too cute. L is happy gal with her sweeties. GTO is handsome with long hair and short,,lol.. can't go wrong,, and Miss Gigi way to go on skiing,, fun fun fun.

Coco said...

Where have I been? You have all these post I have missed!!!

Love GTO's new haircut. Very sharp.

Anonymous said...

Great pictures. We had a lot of fun hanging out with you all this weekend. Now, you need to get down here and see us. We miss you already!


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

oh, what amazing photos, as always!

morewineplease said...

Oh you were right! He is a doll!
THose kids are beautiful!