Saturday, August 1, 2009


Tonight is the last night we will be sleeping in our house...the house that we have owned for 8 1/2 years, the house where we have spent every Christmas morning with the kids, and celebrated every birthday, the house where the tooth fairy and the Easter bunny have come, the only house that the kids have ever known. I remember so vividly bringing them both home from the hospital to their very special nursery...the one that I poured my heart into and designed every little detail, the one that my very talented mother spent hours painting in between rubbing my feet from being swollen when I was pregnant with GTO. I started planing the nursery before I even knew the gender of GTO. I knew that I wanted a gender neutral nursery so that it didn't have to be redone for future children. I could not bare to paint over those walls nor can I now. I know you are supposed to stage your home when you sell it and paint every wall a neutral color so that is appeals to all buyers, but I cannot and will not paint over these walls. I thought I would post a few pictures here. They are not greatest pictures. I didn't have my wide angle lens, and I got some glare from the window, but here is "You Are My Sunshine" nursery.

I wish I could have focused out so the crib would have been visible.
On the opposite wall, in the corner is a giant moon which frames a little table and chairs.

Beside the dresser, there is a giant tree, complete with two bluebirds and a squirrel. The branches hang over the dresser where we painted a ribbon to hang GTO and GiGi's baby pictures.

And a chandelier to match of course!
This is the room that I will miss the many wonderful memories. *sigh* But I am ready to make some new memories. I am going to try to post rooms in our new house as they get done. I am hoping to share a picture a week. At least that is a goal to keep me accountable for getting things put away and arranged.
Goodbye old house, hello new memories.


Mama to a diva said...

Best of luck with your move in. What a beautiful nursery.

Coco said...

That nursery is breathtaking. I am usually not a mural fan b/c they are never very pretty. THAT IS GORGEOUS!
And the chandelier is darling.

Good luck with the move and you will have a blast doing two more rooms!

Stacey said...

I felt the same way when we sold our house of 7 years. Lots of memories. But new ones will be made no matter where you are. Best of luck with your move. I look forward to seeing pics of your new house!

morewineplease said...

I am SOOO sorry I pushed you along that trail of thoughts last night.. kicking myself right now!

Gigi was a doll, she is welcome anytime.. or every Sunday is the Diva says!

Anonymous said...

Stunning Bec,, Mom is very talented, the room is lovely, and a young family will welcome the room with open hearts to start their own family and memories. Bless you all,

Becky said...

I completely understand how painful it is to move. When we moved 3 years ago, my heart was broken to leave the old house. We had all the same firsts in that house, but the new has come with it's own list of firsts too!

Anonymous said...

Buck up Bec-Bec!
Your nursery is amazing! But the new house will have amazing stories to tell as well!

KendraJane said...

Simply amazing - thanks for sharing the beautiful pictures!