Monday, August 31, 2009

Watching Will Grow

It is hard to believe that Will (Bear)is now one. Will is special to me, not only because he is a cutie, and his parents are so super sweet, but because Will was the first baby that I photographed which led to this fun hobby that swiftly turned into a second job. His mom has been kind enough to let me use all my ideas while photographing him, and we have manged to hit almost all of his major milestones. When I first met Will, he was three months old. We did a quick shoot inside his house and captured this sweet face.
Here he is at 6 months old. This became one of my favorite pictures of him.
And who could forget this little hambone??? He had just learned to stand when I photgraphed him at 9 months...
And he loved his feet at our 10 month shoot.
Now he is turning into a handsome little one year old who rocked some pictures in all of his vintage tees that I love so much. (Remember in my previous post when I said I have been known to act like a monkey....well this is the result.) Will loved my monkey sounds and I loved all his big smiles.

He is faster these days. I have to be set and ready, or he will get away from me.
Love him in his Ed Hardy tee.
Happy Belated Birthday sweet boy! I hope you will continue to brighten my days in front of my camera.


I heart said...

Love the progression of pics! He reminds me of my little one year old in his vintage tees :)

booderbean's momma said...

oh you did so good capturing his stages! love them girl! can't wait for you to be there for every "step" of our new baby's life! and can't wait for next month when you shoot little booderbean!

Will said...

This was so sweet, thanks for the awesome blog and for coming into our life. I can't wait for many more photo sessions with you.
-Will's Mom

Anonymous said...

What great pictures Bec...and he is a doll....toni

Anonymous said...
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