Friday, September 4, 2009

The waning days of summer...

Mommy: "GiGi, why did you keep going down the red slide rather than use the yellow tube slide?"
GiGi: "Because it was a red convertible."

  • I am afraid that summer has all but ended. We are experiencing rather cool weather for Sept.
  • We are headed to the lake which will probably be the last weekend we swim.
  • I actually had to pack hoodies for morning time on the dock - Strange Oklahoma weather.
  • We are ready to kickoff college football this weekend.
  • The OU gear is packed.
  • There is not a Hooters near the lake house. - They have the best wings which is a necessity for watching football.
  • Is it strange that I crave Hooter's hot wings every September?
  • When we return from the lake, it will be time to start studying with the kids and get back to the school grind.
  • No one prepares you for how hard it is to keep up with two kids in school. Helping two kids with homework at the same time can be challenging. :)

Hope everyone has a fun and safe LABOR DAY WEEKEND! GO SOONERS!!!!!!! You know I had to get that in somewhere. :)


Kristine said...

End of summer? It's 95 degrees where I live:-)

Gigi looks so happy coming down that slide, great pic.

Susan said...

Have a great time at the lake!

Just wait until the homework gets too hard for you to help with. It is very humbling!