Friday, April 30, 2010

Friday's Flowers

Our yard is still full of blooms; although the iris are not doing well after two continuous days of high winds. Sadly, a lot of them are lying flat in the yard. I guess it is a good thing I had my camera out last week to take pictures of all the vibrant blooms.

I love the composition of this shot....

I wish the azaleas would stay in bloom longer. They are beautiful.
Dianthus (pinks)
Have a fabulous weekend!!!


I heart said...

My poor Iris' are just about to bloom! I hope ours hold up after the pounding rain & wind we're supposed to get this weekend.

Coco said...

It is SOOOO windy here too. Driving me crazy.

I have Dianthus in lots of my pots. So pretty. I have to plant irises. I love them so.

Becky said...

Beautiful! We love flowers too, but our flower bed has not been priority over the last few years, so ours looks pitiful! I'm going to live vicariously through you and enjoy your flowers!