Monday, May 10, 2010

Wrap Up

We had a very busy, fun-filled weekend. I enjoyed cuddling up with the kids and hubby for movie night on Friday and Saturday, ate a delicious lunch with Hubby's family, watched my neice gracefully twirl across the stage at a dance rehearsal, finished out the last two soccer games of the season and proudly watched as GTO scored his first goal, enjoyed a yummy Mother's Day breakfast prepared by hubby, planted my new lillies that I received from my darling children, took a nap, and was treated to a lovely dinner with my family. I still managed to work in one photo session which was a blast! I know this Mommy is dying to see a few pictures, and I have so many more to post, but I am running out the door to go watch GiGi perform her end of the season gymnastics routines. It's a crazy life!

This was one of my best sessions to date. Love this boy and his sweet family. I can still hear his belly laughs.


Heidi said...

Great pictures. We love that boy and his family too!

Kristin said...

OMG ... PRICELESS!!! Becky, you are amazing ... thank you so much for capturing such precious photos of our only son :)