Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I will admit that I don't like surprises. As a child, my mom always tried to surprise me, but I was one of those kids that always HAD to find out what was wrapped in the package, I would look in closets to find presents hidden away, and best of all, I tried to sabotage plan my own 16th birthday after my mom had worked for weeks trying to plan a SURPRISE SWEET 16. She did manage to pull that one off, and there was even a surprise waiting for me in the driveway that night which was awesome! Hubby has had to deal with the fact that I don't like surprises as well. It drives him absolutely wild. I guess it is that I like to be in control of my destination. Control Freak? Yes, maybe...okay definitely YES, I AM, and I don't have a problem admitting to it. :)

I thought it was hysterical when I found out that ALL my niece wanted for her 5th birthday was a surprise party. She didn't want just any surprise party...she, of course, wanted to plan her own surprise party. That's my kind of surprise! I was even more thrilled that she wanted her surprise party to be a sleepover at my house. Oh what fun! Sadly, her parents had already planned a great birthday party for her, so the surprise sleepover will have to wait a few weeks.



Krouts Sprouts said...

such a cutie girl she is!!!!

KendraJane said...

I didn't know I could ask for a Sleepover at the O House for my birthday!!???? Can I send Miss Priss instead for hers on Friday????? ;)
Diva's a sweetheart, we hope to get to see you guys Sunday at the "surprise" party!

WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

you and I are so much alike. I also hate surprises...and as a child would unwrap and rewrap the Christmas gifts while mom was at work (ha!!)

The PhotoJunky said...

awww~ thanks aunt becky! So sweet!

but we will, someday surprise you!

Coco said...

We are so much alike in that sense. I hate surprises and always beg to find out early.

I even like it when people tell me the ending of movies. And I read the back of books first. Weird.

And I will give up surprises as well, I get too excited!!

Happy Birthday Diva!