Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zip Line

If you ever get the chance to Zip Line, it is a definite MUST DO! It was so much fun that I am dying to go to Costa Rica to do a full zip line course.

Hubby went first, and then both of the kids went before me. I thought I would be scared to do it myself, but it was scarier to see my little babes strap onto the cable and shoot down the mountain. They are such thrill seekers.

I think GTO is ready for another thrill ride too.

I must have been terrified by the time GiGi went down, because I didn't get any pictures of her ride. :(

...And if zip lining wasn't enough of a thrill, when we arrived back to the hotel, the kids bungeed.
I am telling you, we had quite the adventurous trip! It will be hard to top this one. :)

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Coco said...

Gigi's braids are cracking me up!!