Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Beautiful Blue Eyed Boys...

I COULDN'T decide which pictures to post from this session...these blue eyed boys are so beautiful and they were both so good during their shoot. I thought I would share ALL my favorites! Are you ready for a picture overload?

HHHmmm, I wonder what in the world could be so funny? For those of you who have been on a shoot with me...I am sure you know how silly I can be. But hey whatever works, right?

Love this one!

Now, you know why I couldn't decide! I wonder how their Mom will ever decide?
Their Mom took a few pictures too. Isn't this adorable??? Love this sweet family!


Trudy said...

Oh Bec, they ALL are precious, such good looking little guys. Especially love the one with arm around little guy and laughing,,, then the one with loving smiles at each other. Special looks between family.

Kristine said...

Great shots and I love the addition of the bright yellow chair.
Thanks for checking in on me:) Everything is wonderful in my world, just a huge lack of internet time.

Susan said...

Great pics. You captured their "fun"!!!!

I heart said...

Love them all!! You're right, who could decide?