Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Maybe an Actress?

My daughter has decided that she is from the English countryside, and has perfected an English accent. She spent all weekend talking like a true Brit. I think we might have confused a few people at the park last weekend when I was trying to take her picture while speaking in my best Southern Drawl as she came stomping her feet, and waving her hands at me telling me, "Mummy, would you please stop taking my picture right this instant" in a perfect ENGLISH accent. I WISH I HAD VIDEO ON MY CAMERA! She is hysterical...don't let her sweet, innocent expressions fool you!


Becky said...

You have got to get a video of her doing that. Hilarious!

Lana said...

How funny! My kids really love to watch Charlie and Lola and a few years ago Kylie started using an English accent. Some of the looks we received were hilarious.