Thursday, December 22, 2011

Elf on the Shelf Adventures ~ideas~ WEEK THREE

Day Twelve: We found Prince Diddo ice skating in the freezer!
Day Thirteen: YEEHAW! Prince Diddo roped a reindeer!
Day Fourteen: Happily Ever After!
Day Fifteen: Preparing for Santa's visit?
Day Sixteen: Sick Day!
Day Seventeen: Perfecting his flying skills!


Lana said...

Love the sick day, lol. Audrey and Sophie have a bird cage in their room. I think I'll have to try putting our elf there next. I'm running out of places!

Susan said...

It has been so much fun to follow the adventures of your elf!!! I know you will have a wonderful visit from Santa. Merry Christmas!

Krouts Sprouts said...

Prince Dido you have found one awesome family to live with during the holidays!!