Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Welcome Baby Mackenzie - Oklahoma City Maternity~Newborn Photography

Baby Mackenzie finally made her debut.

I think she spent so much time sleeping peacefully in her Mommy's tummy that she decided once she was out that she would just stay awake....after all she might miss something exciting in my studio!
She has definitely broken the record for the newborn that has stayed awake the longest during a newborn session. :) She was so cute just staring at my lens...I think she knew what she was doing.
Nope, still not asleep....I actually just caught her during a blink. :)
These next pictures were from ROUND 2 of trying to get her to sleep. She finally did snooze for us, but not very soundly. I must say that it doesn't really matter if she sleeps or not, because she is absolutely gorgeous!

A few weeks ago, my mom came to visit, and I put her to work. She whipped up a few blankets and pennants for me to use. I LOVE THIS! Isn't this the cutest little set-up?

Mackenzie even flashed a little grin.

I have been trying to remember to capture the little newborn "details" as well. I seem to get caught up in a session and forget about the cute little hair lines, and tiny little toes.

Welcome to the world Mackenzie!

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Lana said...

Oh, she is just too adorable! Sometimes I really miss having a teeny baby around the house. I love the blanket and banner your mom made. I guess talent tends to run in the family.