Monday, February 13, 2012

Kids Valentine's

I had great intentions of making wonderful Valentine's with my kids this year, but unfortunately our entire house was struck with the stomach bug last week, so my crafty plans got pushed aside. I love pinterest for kid craft ideas, so GiGi and I came home Friday night and whipped up her Valentines.

I had these cards printed, but we still had a blank 4 x 6 envelope to fill with something fun.

I found this idea on pinterest.
GiGi and I came up with our own owl design using felt, and foam hearts. She had so much fun creating owls for all of her school friends.

GTO would not allow me to make him picture Valentine's cards. Apparently that is not cool when you are in the 4th grade. Again, I stole this idea off of pinterest.

Hopefully, next year we won't be sick the week before Valentine's Day and we can plan ahead for the holiday crafts.


Susan said...

Very cute cards! I can not help but think we have a future lil' Hootie!
BTW - plan on next year (or the next) GTO NOT letting you do any valentine cards for him. It becomes VERY uncool!

Lana said...

Those are so cute! I had every intention of getting crafty with the valentines cards this year, but it didn't happen.