Thursday, May 17, 2012

My Yard/My Second Hobby

I have been working hard in the yard this spring.  I love to get my camera out to capture all the different blooms.  It helps me to document what I have planted.  I seem to forget what is planted in each bed when the following planting season rolls around.  

I was looking back at my pictures from last spring and realized that I haven't seen this gorgeous bloom this year...I guess the horrible heat killed it off last year.  BUMMER!

Bell Flower
 I have a severe LOVE/HATE for Irises.  I love the blooms, but they are too invasive and will take over the entire yard.  

 Our roses have done exceptionally well this season!
random picture of a stem of a crape myrtle

 This is the first year that I have planted tulips.
 Hydrangea - (5 bushes)


I added two Peony bushes this year.  I can't wait to take pictures of pink peonies next year!

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