Friday, April 3, 2009

It's Friday...HOORAY!

I am off to capture some 6 month old cuteness this evening. I am very excited to play dress up with a baby girl who will gladly look at my camera and grin (I hope). I am enjoying taking other kid's pictures more and more due to the fact that my kids are getting a little tired of it. GTO will not give into my bribery any longer and GiGi is not too far behind. Currently she likes playing the "I am not going to smile game." (As seen below) How long do you think she can hold this expression?

Obviously, not very long. Mommy still has the tricks to make her laugh...
And flash her beautiful grin!


Anonymous said...

Oh Becky........those are great pictures.......and she is not being stubborn, just misunderstood! Thanks for always making my day brighter.... : ) toni

booderbean's momma said...

oh my lord adorable! that girls eyes cannot get any bluer :) pouty faces are so cute!Q