Monday, April 27, 2009

Saturday Night Live

Look who we got to babysit on Saturday night? We had so much fun with little Gracie. GiGi is already asking when she will get to come back.

Gracie is three months old, and I am dying to get her outdoors for some fun new pictures in good natural light. Every time I am with her, the weather has not cooperated. Hopefully, it will be soon, and I am sure Miss GiGi will want to be my photography assistant.


booderbean's momma said...

HOW FUN!!!! i bet you all had a blast with the little baby girlie!! i love her big big bow!! hummm did this give hubby an ounce of baby fever yet???

Coco said...

Those eyes!
I love holding other babies these days. Keeps my baby fever to a minimum.

No more babies for Coco.

I think.

morewineplease said...

I bet you were in heaven!! She is beautiful!