Friday, May 1, 2009

Before and After

I am not a photo editing guru. At times I wish I was better at it, but I really don't want to rely on editing software to achieve a beautiful image. I would like to think that I can pull great images straight off my camera with minor tweaking and be satisfied with the end result.

Today, a co-worker of mine at our corporate office in TN e-mailed me a picture that he had taken of his beautiful little girl. He asked if I would edit it for him, so I thought it would be fun to share the before and after.
Below is the original picture... And the same image after a little tweaking...

Thanks L.S. for allowing me to post your image, and thank you for being a regular visitor and commenter here.


booderbean's momma said...

LOVE the changes! so neat! you are so good missy!
what a cutie little girl too!

Anonymous said...

thanks bopp! I know I am biased but this pic takes my breath away!

Kristine said...

You did a great job and what a sweat picture. I could sure use those skill with my boys and their scrapes. lol

Anonymous said...

very sweet picture....and of course you did a great job.....hope you don't care, but I shared you site with someone at my work who takes pictures.....I wanted to show off your ya......toni