Thursday, September 24, 2009

FALL is in the air...

Photographers love fall weather portraits, and now I am finding out why. I have done a few recent sessions where the lighting is absolutely gorgeous! Of course the photos are even more gorgeous when you are blessed with photographing the cutest kids in Oklahoma City. :)
Glistening light and sweet, innocent baby expressions make me so happy. The second reason to fall in love with fall shoots is the wardrobe. Fun layering of clothing with jackets and hats in bright bold colors makes my job a breeze.

I have quite the hat collection in my photography stash. I am in love with all the crochet hats that are popular this season especially with a beautiful, blue eyed girl stuffed in them.

...And you can NEVER go wrong with a pom pom hat.

Wendy - I will have your pictures ready soon. I
hope you enjoyed your little sneak peek today.


Jo said...

OMGOSH! I love that last shot.

Anonymous said...

Oh Bec.......great job...she is a doll.....the coloring is just perfect.....great job! toni

Life with Grace Ann said...

I love the sneak peek!! These look great. I can't wait to see the rest. I am definitely going to get the last one for me! You are the best.