Friday, November 6, 2009

#1 FAN

Remember this little Steelers baby from 9 months ago??? His Daddy is a die hard steelers fan and had just returned from the Superbowl where the Steelers won. Baby Luke was just a few weeks old then. Yes, it has already been 9 months. I can't believe it either. Apparantly, at just 9 months of age, this sweet boy could qualify as the Steelers # 1 fan.

Do you think his Daddy would care if I converted him to a Dallas Cowboys fan? I think blue would be a much better color choice for those beautiful eyes. :)


Anonymous said...

He is so adorable! He looks like a big boy in that outfit!


WPMomOf2 (jen) said...

precious. what great outfits :)

KendraJane said...

Stinking adorable! Not a huge football fan myself, but that little guy makes me want a little boy!

Coco said...

It is amazing how much they grow in just 9 months!!!

Yes, Dallas Cowboy gear would be even better! Great pics!

I heart said...

Those are great!!

Anonymous said...

Those are so awesome... What a cutie :)