Monday, November 9, 2009

A new crop...

...of babies that is. I am excited to have a new round of babies to photograph in the upcoming year. I find so much joy in photographing infants, and it is something that I want to improve upon.

I am excited to photograph another friend's baby. Doesn't she look gorgeous with that growing belly???

We started giggling as we were snapping these shots, because we realized how lopsided her stomach was. I think there was a little baby booty poking up here.
This is their second child. During the first pregnancy, her husband was deployed so he didn't get to be involved in the first born's photo shoot. We are happy to have him home to share in all the joys of this second pregnancy.
They like to keep the gender a surprise, so we are all so excited to find out what this little one will be. I have guessed boy, but I am always wrong so it is probably a girl.
She is down to the final month so I know everyone is getting anxious to meet this new little one. I, of course will keep you posted with pictures as soon as he/she arrives.


booderbean's momma said...

oh i am so glad to be the first to comment on my own big ol belly!
friend--you brought tears to my eyes! they photos turned out wonderful and exactly what we wanted.
thank you so much for doign this, you are an amazing photographer, person, friend, and blogger.
i can't wait to have you come to the hospital for that moment for you to photograph our family!

Sam said...

oh, becky! These photo's are so beautiful! I LOVE them. They are wonderful!

Booderbean's mom~ You are beautiful! I am so happy that your hubby is home for this one! Thank you and your family for your service to our country!

Coco said...

That is a BOY belly for sure. I will put money on it.

Love the lopsided belly, I remember those. Sigh.

morewineplease said...

Cinda looks sooo beautiful! Great shots.. I noticed that lopsided belly!