Monday, January 11, 2010

Baby Cannon

This big guy didn't want to sleep for his newborn photo shoot. He stayed awake for at least two hours just checking me out.
Once he finally crashed....
...he was down for the count.
He barely even squirmed when he was being smothered in kisses.
Look at those scrumptious chubby cheeks. I bet his Daddy could stare at him all day.

Booderbean got in on the action too. Love this!
He is a very proud big brother!
And look who else joined our shoot. Isn't she beautiful! She serves as princess of the household.


I heart said...

These are all so good!! Makes me want to go practice on some newborns!

Coco said...

Just precious and perfect.
He is the third Cannon I have heard of recently. Weird.