Sunday, January 31, 2010

Flashback 2009

I often get asked what my favorite age of child is to photograph? I honestly would never be able to decide. I do love the babies, but there is something about capturing the personality of a toddler that makes me giddy. It is a lot harder, but oh so rewarding.

Here are a few shots from my 18 month to 4 year age group.

Saturday, January 30, 2010

What's Next???

I have spent the last few weeks soul searching. Last January, I made a post about my goals for 2009. One of which was to learn more about photography. At the time, I didn't know that my photography hobby would suddenly become a part time job which happened to keep me very busy during the year. I didn't expect to build my clientele so fast without doing any advertising, but thanks to some wonderful sessions, word of mouth soon spread, and I stayed busy throughout the year. Now I have come to a point where I either need to take the plunge with this hobby-turned-business or back away from it. I don't like giving half an effort to anything in my life, but I really struggle with the fact that I have a full time job that I absolutely love, and a family that I don't like to be away from. It has been a little overwhelming and quite stressful at times. In my weeks of soul searching and trying to decide a good balance for me, I have looked back at a lot at my pictures from the year. I have said it a million times before, but what has been more rewarding than snapping pictures, is meeting so many wonderful families. Thank you to everyone who allowed me into their lives to capture a special moment in time. It has meant the world to me. While I continue my soul searching, I thought it would be fun to share a few of my favorite images from 2009. Hopefully, by the end of the week, I will be able to share my plans with you.

A lot of my sudden success was due to my "watch me grow sessions". These were sessions that parents booked every couple of months to capture the milestones of their new babies. Those sessions all began with this little guy. It was so rewarding to watch Bear grow throughout the year. It still blows me away that he is one now. He was my first practice baby which prepared me for...
...the arrival of Miss Gracie. When I found out my best friend was having a baby girl was when I first thought about taking pictures of kids other than my own. I wanted to be available to capture every moment with little Gracie Rae. At her 1st birthday party a few weeks ago, we decorated the birthday table with pictures from her first year. It was so rewarding to know that I had captured all of those special times.
And who could forget this beauty? I call her my baby supermodel. She has her own blog following on this site. If I don't post new pictures of her every so often, I start hearing, "We need to see the beautiful Little Bit."
I am a little partial to chubby blue eyed babies. GTO and GiGi were both VERY chubby babies, so every time I get a call to shoot this baby, I get so excited to capture the adorable baby chubs! She melts me!
Another one of my favorite little girls. I call her my little bundle of joy. She is so petite, but always full of big grins. I think I have captured more smiles from her than any other baby. It is hard to believe that I took her one year old pictures last week. I will post more of those soon.
This is one of my favorite pictures from 2009. I love the tie with those big blue eyes. He is a charmer for sure!
Miss Grace gets my vote for the cutest dimples. She is beautiful! Another one that will soon be turning one.
This little guy will always be special. His family was my first blog customer. They found me by searching OKC baby photographers. Meeting his Mommy was awesome. I seriously felt like I had known her forever and loved getting to know the family of four throughout the year. Sadly, they moved to MO at the end of the year, but promised they will be traveling back for pictures. I sure miss them! Rachel, come back soon!
I got an e-mail from a blog reader one day that asked me where I found all these gorgeous blue eyed babies??? I am still wondering that myself.
Remember baby Luke? He is the Steelers baby. He turned one a couple of weeks ago too.
And below are two of my newer babies. I am so lucky to have a new crop of "watch me grow" clients.

Stay tuned for my favorite toddler images tomorrow!

Wednesday, January 27, 2010


This blog has severely been neglected over the last two weeks. It seems that I can't find a few extra minutes in my day to create a post. I promise that I will be back soon to my regular posting schedule.

Last week I paid a visit to my favorite little junk/antique store in town and made a couple of purchases. I can't wait for spring time so that I can use this green iron chaise with some bright summer color. Isn't this darling???? Of course it doesn't hurt that I have one of the cutest faces in town modeling for me.
I think she could pass for GiGi's little sister with those sweet, round cheeks, big blue eyes, and silky brown hair.

Monday, January 25, 2010


So all the weathermen lied. It was not bright, warm, and sunny this weekend. In fact it was quite cold and dreary. I was highly disappointed considering I had high hopes of catching up on some photography projects. I have a lot going on right now and am excited about showing you some new projects that I have been working on. You will have to be patient as my real job has me tied down this week. Until then I will continue on with my small peeks...this little cutie braved the cold for me this weekend. By the look on her face, I don't think she minded too terribly bad.

Wednesday, January 20, 2010


I have spent 5 years searching for the perfect hair accessories for GiGi. Cute hair accessories are always hard to find especially reasonably priced ones. While I have found cute bows online in the past, I have finally found the perfect place to shop for hair accessories. I recently reconnected with a childhood friend and found out about BloominBelle Bows.

She has been sending me samples to show off on GiGi and to use on my photo shoots. Go on over and check her site out. You won't be disappointed!

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Polar Opposites

Still cool, calm, and collected...
A deep thinker, and a people pleaser...
One who likes his room clean, will clear the dishes off the table without being told, and dislikes procrastinating. A little bit of a worrier, but never one to argue, a gentle spirit....