Monday, March 28, 2011

Round Two - Oklahoma City Maternity Photography

I am happy to be moving into Round Two of my photography. Why round two, you ask? Because most of the sweet babies who I started my business photographing two years ago are all being blessed with siblings. I am so excited to be a part of these new lives, and sweet beginnings.

This is Will's beautiful Mommy. She is 35 weeks pregnant with a baby girl named Ashlyn who I am counting down the days to meet. Our scheduled maternity session turned into a 15 minute VERY MINI shoot due to an unforeseen circumstance, but I tried to take full advantage of my 15 minutes.

I can guarantee you that I didn't look like this at 35 weeks. You look gorgeous, Ang!


Kristine said...

Dang it, why don't I live in Oklahoma. I love one with her laying down, what a great idea.

Angela said...

You made me look gooooood! Thank you Becky. I wish "someone" would have been in better spirits to take pictures, but glad you got pics of me and Ashlyn.

I love all the pictures.

Brotherly/Sisterly love already starting!!