Sunday, March 30, 2008

TOP 10 REASONS to spend a weekend in March at the lake house...

# 1 - To sit on the dock and let your toes hang in the frigid water

(62 more days until swim time!!!)

# 2 - To catch ladybugs on your shirt


# 3 To make Dandelion Wishes
(Greyson wished for rainbows and a baby brother)

# 4 - To play Hop Scotch

# 5 - To make scary masks out of paper plates
# 6 - To see the ducks that swim up to the dock every time we are there.

# 7 - To collect Roly Pollies.

#8 -To climb a tree.

#9 - To write your name in sidewalk chalk.

# 10 - To hang out with JoJo.

Friday, March 21, 2008

My wonderful day with Greyson...

Since it was spring break this week, Greyson spent Monday thru Thursday at the lake with JoJo. I can't believe I let him go, but he had a great time. I missed him so much! I decided to take today off to spend a little much needed time with him. I really enjoyed one on one time with him, and I think he was happy that he didn't have to share me with sister.
Our first stop was a race to the light house. He beat me. :)

Next, we went to Toys R Us to spend a gift card that he received for a Christmas present. Yes, I know that was three months ago. LOL! (Thanks Miss Sammie for the G/C.)

Out of everything in the store, he picked a 3D space projector. I am amazed that he can name almost every one of the slides (he didn't know the comets yet). He even knew ones that I didn't. Anyway, I was very happy that he picked an educational toy instead of junk that would sit in his closet. Thanks for the science lesson, Greyson. :)
After our toy shopping, we met Daddy at Chili's, one of Greyson's favorite places. He says they have the best french fries.

Then, we headed to the movie theater to catch Horton Hears a Who. It was a cute movie. We shared Reece's Pieces (his choice) which he calls peanut butter M&Ms and a coke. Around this time every year, Greyson seems to outgrow his shoes, so we went to Journey's Kidz to pick up some new Etnies. Size 1...can you believe it? The brand does run small, so his feet aren't quite that big. :)
The ending to a fun filled day! He was very ready to come home. I couldn't even talk him into going to Target with me, and I even tried to bribe him with an icee. "Thanks for spending the day with me! I love you, sweet boy."