Thursday, May 28, 2009

SPIKE - 9 Months

I know his parents call him Bear, but I can't help myself...I will call him SPIKE from now on since he got his first big boy haircut, and he looks so stinkin cute with his first spikes! I met this sweet baby boy when he was only three months old and have taken his pictures almost every month since. I can't believe he is standing and in a few short months, he will be running from me and my camera. It has been fun to watch him grow and to capture all his "firsts" on camera.

See you next week for your 10 month photos!


booderbean's momma said...

ooooooooh those chubby baby rolls and cheeks and legs and arms are so cute!!! i love chubby babies!

Coco said...

Love this little dude. how precious is he? I love his Robeez, I am a Robeez nut. My kids had every single pair.

One day you will take pictures of my kids. Promise?