Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Sometimes we need a reminder

In the rush of this hectic life that we create for ourselves, i.e., back to school, sports and music lessons, work, social activities, sometimes I forget to stop and remember what a beautiful world we live in. I had a very long and exhausting day one day, and all it took was a beautiful sunset on my drive home to put things back into persective. It is easy to let time pass us by as we kick into survival mode to get through the chaos that a single day brings, but a nice reminder to make every second meaningful is always welcome even if it occurs on my drive home during rush hour. I always think of it as little signs from God telling me to slow down and enjoy what he has blessed me with...even if those signs appear in the flat fields of Oklahoma. :)

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booderbean's momma said...

i'm glad you got to have this moment! you are right! it is so hard to get caught up in really enjoy it sometiems!!! hey how about dinner w/ you all sometime soon?