Wednesday, December 30, 2009


It was fun this year seeing everyone's Christmas cards. I never did get all my cards displayed like I wanted. I tried a few different options, but by the time I added all the cards, it always looked like a jumbled up mess. I will have to put some more thought into it this year. What made receiving cards even more fun this year was seeing all the cards that showed off my photography. That was very rewarding. I don't get the opportunity to see my pictures in print very often, so it was nice seeing them on beautiful cards. Just like the family below...
Aren't they so cute!
This may be my new favorite Mommy/Kid picture.
I am used to having bright sunshine, and beautiful scenic places to shoot pictures. I have had to get creative since the winter months have hit. I am not able to get all the natural light that I am used to using outdoors. Because of the frigid temperatures, I have had to make due with indoor pictures and tried to incorporate lots of color to make up for my missing scenery. :)
This red, rustic chair worked well, even with a two year old that didn't want his picture taken AT ALL, but who would of guessed that when we captured cute grins like this.
Front doors always work well too. I love the reflection in this pic.
Lucky to shoot in front of a bright red couch. Love it!
And this was an antique beer cooler that we opened up and put this little cutie in. Love the rustic blue background!


KendraJane said...

This is such a gorgeous family!!! They need to make more beautiful children... b/c that little guy is going to be a heartbreaker! ;)

Coco said...

My goodness! That family looks like a bunch of models.

Love all of them. I think the bright blue, rustic cooler is my favorite!! Great idea.

I hope you are thinking hard about the Coco family photo shoot this spring or summer.

morewineplease said...

WOW! They are such a good looking family! Great shots bec!

Kristine said...

I wouldn't have been able to tell those were indoor shots if you hadn't said it. Makes me wish I was closer so you could photograph my family.