Thursday, December 31, 2009

"In brightest day,
in blackest night,
no evil shall escape my sight,
let those who worship evil's might,
beware my power,
GI-Woman's light!"

When I sent GiGi to put her Jammies on after her bath, I didn't expect to see this! Maybe this explains why she has been asking for a bra.
This my friends is exactly why I don't let her choose her own outfits for school!
"Not everyone is meant to make a difference. But for me, the choice to lead an ordinary life is no longer an option."
Have a safe and HAPPY NEW YEAR!


Katie said...

hahahaha that is GREAT!!!! those will be awesome for when she gets older and needs younger pictures!

Stacey said...

So funny! Those are some great pics to show her kids one day! Happy New Year!

I heart said...

Uh yeah, I wouldn't let her pick out her own clothes either! Hahaha She still looks adorable! :)

Mama to a diva said...

This is so awesome! Totally made my day! GiGi is going places! When she's famous someday, we'll all say we watched her grow up on your blog!

Coco said...

I am rolling right now. We need to get Gigi and Bram together ASAP!

KendraJane said...

So stinking cute... love the outfit! ;)

Kristine said...

Hahaha! Very creative.