Friday, July 31, 2009

Thursday, July 30, 2009

Gracie - 6 months

Photographing newborns is still my favorite, but 6 month olds come in a close second. At the age of 6 months, babies are able to hold themselves up good and are not yet independent enough to completely ignore my camera. At this age, they are easily entertained by their surroundings like the red rug, the grass, their own feet, and the trees blowing from above. I have to work really hard to get their attention (often times acting like a crazy woman - I am sure you ALL would like pictures of that), but when I do get their attention, it is always easy to get some big smiles, and Miss Gracie was no exception. Look at that big beautiful grin...
...and charming little smile. She can be a little flirt at times. :)
I bet her parents will see this next look for years to come...maybe around the preteen years. Well, it sure is sweet now! :)
I could use this antique pram on every shoot and be happy with the outcome. I love it. I can't wait to use it with a newborn.
Oh Gracie - I can't wait to see what expressions you will have for me in the fall leaves.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Life is Magic

I am one of those girls who loves being pregnant and loves seeing pregnant bellies. I have to hold myself back to refrain from being one of those crazy people that will touch every pregnant belly that I see. :) There is something so magical about pregnancy, and photographing a couple that is pregnant with their first child is amazing. Of course, if you look as good as this mom at 8 months pregnant, it makes my job really easy.
They will be welcoming a baby girl into the world at the end of August. I know the anticipation has kicked in, and they can't wait to meet her.

They have picked out a very unique name, "Kulsum" I love hearing names that couples choose for their children. I know that so much thought and planning goes into one little word.

I can't wait to meet baby Kulsum in a few short weeks. Congrats Alisa and Miguel! Your hearts will soon be fuller than you ever thought was possible. :)

Monday, July 27, 2009

Ballerina Pink and Kiwi Splash

Wondering why GTO and GiGi have been absent from my blog lately? Wondering why I have only been posting little snippets of photo sessions? I have had to trade in the Cannon for a paint roller. Moving Day is fast approaching and we have been painting and painting and painting...4 large rooms and a hallway in the past 7 days to be exact. On top of working my regular job, doing 6 photo sessions, and trying to have some family time in between. Yes, I am exhausted, but can finally see the end. Hopefully, we will be completely moved within the next two weeks.

Here is a tiny sneak peek into Princess GiGi's room. Her colors are kiwi splash, with a wide stripe of ballerina pink. Of course, decorating is a breeze when you have your own series of books to frame as artwork. :) I will post more detailed pictures once we are settled. For now, continue to enjoy my little snippets. Normal posting will soon resume. :)

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Foto Faces Friday

I am joining my S-I-L, MWP, for Foto Faces Friday. Follow along with us, and post your sweet faces.

Photos of the Day...

Friday, July 17, 2009

She's a Professional

One thing I learned while we were on vacation is that GiGi is a Daddy's girl. I knew this day was coming, but I had a hard time admitting it. Several times during vacation I would sit back and watch them interact together. I knew she was becoming closer and closer to her Daddy, and now I have discovered why. She has him wrapped tightly around her little finger, and knows how to use this to her best interest.

I believe GiGi could write a "how to" book to teach other little girls all her skills that she uses so wisely. She really has become quite the professional. Take the below scenario for instance.

We will call this little lesson: "How to get everything you would EVER want from your Daddy" She has this one perfected!

Rule # 1 - Start out looking very innocent and sweet, and shyly ask for whatever my little heart desires.
Rule # 2 - If Daddy says no at first, start using the puppy dog eyes. This usually has a positive effect on the situation and sometimes works instantly.
Rule # 3 - If the eyes don't do the trick, next try the pouty lips or lip curl. This usually works right away. (I posted about this rule last year here)
Rule # 4- If Daddy still insists on telling me no, resort to a very sweet kiss. This action will seal the deal.
Rule # 5 - Savor the sweet smell of success, but don't act too overjoyed. I wouldn't want Daddy to catch onto my pro skills that I have mastered so quickly.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


This picture sums up my two kids. One lion is ornery and fierce, and the other is sweet and gentle.
GiGi loved feeding all the animals. She is my animal lover.
If you can't tell, this is a butterfly hat.
I have no idea what this is!

I would say he rescued the princess, but she is nowhere is sight.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Outdoor Adventures

I thought I would post a few random photos from vacation. Enjoy!
I took these two lake pictures standing on the second story of the dock. It is beautiful there.

Have you ever seen a Camel kiss a turtle? Me neither!

Unlike my two monkeys, this one actually liked having his picture taken.

Monday, July 13, 2009


Back when I was in high school, I had a favorite teacher. Her name was Mrs. B. She taught AP English when I was in 9th and 10th grade. Mrs. B. made the class do a lot of creative writing, and I remember her teaching us how to brainstorm before we started a paper. She would write a word on the chalkboard and we would write down everything that came to mind regarding the word. Then we would take our brainstorming words/phrases and turn them into a brilliant essay. I thought a brainstorm recap of our vacation would be nice, and spare you the details of my vacation essay. :)

Vacation 2009
swimming, skiing, tubing, knee boarding, wake boarding, surviving two 13 year olds, grilling, Frank Buck Zoo, feeding the giraffes, petting zoo, beach, parade, cake walk, carnival games, fireworks, paddle boating, two photography sessions, rainy day, fishing, frog catching, Rainforest Cafe, shopping, Gameworks, Gaylord Texan, Medieval Times, Dallas World Aquarium, Miki the Monkey, learning to swim, great food, caricatures, tattoos, balloon animals, sweet shop scavenger hunt, turtle catching, catching big catfish after dark, napping, pedicures, playing with the neighbors, sleeping on the way home.
hhhmm, I wonder why I am so tired today :)
And of course, I couldn't post without a couple of pictures.

Saturday, July 11, 2009

Farewell Vacation

Goodbye Lake. We are heading to the other side of the Red River and returning to reality. It has been a fun and exciting 11 days. We are taking home some tan babies.

Look who's...

...swimming now. GiGi got tired of wearing her floaties, so she decided she could swim by herself. She is a swimming machine and can make it across the pool unassisted. YEAH!

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

(who thankfully is still alive after being sqeezed to near death and held captive for 4 days in the sweltering heat with his frog friend, Sally. They have made one four year old so happy, but still have not provided her with her prince :)

5th day...

on the water, and someone is getting worn out. Any guesses who it could be? (Yes, the picture may give a slight clue.) Tomorrow, we are off to Dallas for some fun without the sun (well, maybe not as much).